This Weeks Activities

Alhamdolillah, Central Jersey Majlis started five initiatives in Ramadan ul Mubarak 2023. These events help increase brotherhood among the members in addition to improved spiritual fitness throughout this blessed month.

First one was to increase the number of worshippers in the mosque by Tarbiyyat department. Naib Zaim Saffe Awwal encouraged and coordinated among Ansar members to help in the kitchen, wrap up with Jama’at halqa leaders and arrange Sahur on the weekends,  particularly during the last ten days of Ramadan. One Nasir voluntarily offered to buy and prepare Sehri throughout the last ten days for Muatkafeen and extended it to all Jama’at members. On the last weekend, worshippers’ attendance at Sehri and Fajr prayers was increased to 50 plus including 16 Ansar. Majlis Ansar ullah collaborated with Khuddam and Lajna and funded one Sehri for all jama’at members on April 16th, Alhamdolillah.

Second one was to complete the holy Quran reading as a ‘30 in 30’ initiative of the Tarbiyyat department. There were a total of 47 Ansar registered for this initiative and several of them have already completed to date, Alhamodlillah. 

Third initiative was planned by the Ithar department, encouraging Safe Doam Ansar to exchange gifts. Nineteen members signed up and offered gifts to other Ansar brothers. 

Fourth initiative was planned again by the Ithar department to prepare fruit baskets for 65+ Ansar brothers and engaged all CEJ Ansar Amila members to prepare and deliver gifts to their homes in person. Total 29 gifts were distributed on April 15th weekend. 

Under shura guidelines, Zaim Central Jersey appointed three Wasiyyat ambassadors along with Muntazim Sahib Tarbiyyat to encourage members to do Wasiyyat. National Secretary Sahib Wasaya visited Central Jersey on March 25th and encouraged membership. Alhamdolillah 11 members have been identified and two of them have already submitted their forms while nine others have been reached out and are now reading Al Wasiyyat book.

I hope and pray that these small acts of kindness go a long way in improving our brotherhood.

April 18, 2023