Iftar Dinner 2023

Baitul Hadi congregation will be hosting a guest iftar dinner on Saturday, April 1st. This program is open to public. We are also hosting a

Baitul Hadi Salat Timings 2023

 Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) explained with an example, “if there was a river at a person’s door and he took a bath in it

The Messiah has come
A nationwide campaign to introduce ways of establishing peace in society at large, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community members are promoting the message in central Jersey today.

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Central Jersey chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is participating in nationwide activity to spread the word of peace.
Meet us in #Newark NJ at Broad street & market street
@muslimsforpeace https://t.co/S65NOGvK0p
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What is this nationwide effort to introduce, value of peace ☮️

#Messiah has come https://t.co/ZgeqJiErei
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thank you @muslimtv that giving us an opportunity to stay connected @JalsaUK
Please have some cooling in @muslimtv studios at #JalsaUK. Speakers needs your assistance
This is a solid foundation. Remember Islam means Peace and it's a universal religion to establish justice for all https://t.co/WJC9IXA8No