Itikaf and Eid Registration

Our Ramdan/Eid Comittee has made arrangements for I’tikaf. It is observed during the last 10 days of Ramdan.

Iʿtikāf (Arabic: اعتكاف, also i’tikaaf or e’tikaaf) is an Islamic practice consisting of a period of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days, devoting oneself to prayers during these days and staying away from worldly affairs.

All male and female members interested in observing the Itekaf are humbly requested to complete the survey to register. Deadline to register is April 18 (Monday).

Also, all members (Head of the Family) are requested to register for Eid. This info is important to have ample arrangements on the Eid Day. Please complete survey by Sunday April 24. Jazakallah


Blessed month of Ramdhan is starting on April 3rd 2022. First traveeh prayer will be offered on April 2 after isha. A detailed Ramadhan calendar was shared with all members and is also shared below. There will be Darsul Quran, traveeh and iftar daily at Masjid Baitul Hadi. Salat centers will not hold Darsul Quran so please make every effort to come to the masjid for maximum blessings.

There will not be a Jama’at general meeting during Ramdhan.

Please click here for Ramadhan calendar.

Salat in Congregation

All members are humbly reminded to come to masjid for congregational prayers, at least a few times a week. Jama’at and auxiliary amla members should set an example for the rest of the Jama’at.

Waqfe Nau Virtual Class with Huzur (ABA)

Waqfe Nau boys virtual class with Huzur (ABA) on Sunday May 29. Announcement from Hafiz Samiullah Chaudhary Sahib has been shared with all Jamaat members.

Please encourage eligible Waqifeene Nau boys in your Jama’at to register at this URL Virtual Mulaqat Registration Form. They should NOT make any travel arrangements yet. The registration portal will remain open till Sunday April 17, 2022. 

Ansaar 30 in 30 Initiative

All Ansar members are requested to complete full reading of the Holy Quran in Ramadhan. you can sign up by clicking on the link below For details contact respected Zaim Ansarullah.

Education Talent Awards, Scholarships, Loans and Pan African grants for year 2022

National Education department USA has started receiving annual applications for Education Talent awards, Scholarships, Loans and Pan African grants for year 2022.

Please encourage all students to apply for one program or multiple if they qualify.
Talent awards are given at Jalsa salana USA Insha’Allah.

Deadline is April 15th for scholarships and talent awards. Just about ten days from now.

National Youth Camp, Education Loans and Scholarships (

Education Portal (

National Youth Camp

The fifth annual National Youth Camp will be held in-person from June 27th to July 2nd, 2022 at Bait ur Rehman mosque in Maryland Insha’Allah.

The camp consists of interactive sessions that provide a stimulating environment to discuss religious, moral and social issues relevant for our youth

  • topics include Atheism, Racial Justice, Muslim Identity etc. The youth camp will also have sports and outdoor activities like Zipline, exercise, tours etc.

All 15-18 year old high school students (boys and girls) can apply for the 2022 National Youth Camp

It helps building lasting relationships among our youth nationwide. Application Deadline is April 15th.

National Youth Camp, Education Loans and Scholarships (

Application for National Youth Camp – June 27th to July 2nd, 2022 (

Sad News – Demise of Rashid Alladin Sahib

With a heavy heart, I am informing you that Rashid Mohamed Alladin Sahib passed away peacefully today in Syosset, New York. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un.

Rashid Mohamed Alladin Sahib was born on September 30, 1937, in Hyderabad, India to Seth Ali Mohamed Alladin and Faizunnisa Alladin. He was the grandson of Hazrat Seth Abdullah Alladin (Radiyallahu ‘Anhu) who was a companion of Hadrat Promised Messiah Alaihis-Salam. He arrived in the US in 1960 and has lived in Long Island, New York since 1968. He served the Jama’at as Assistant National Tabligh Secretary, Local Tabligh Secretary for Queens and Long Island Jama’at (1987-2007) and Wassiyat Secretary of Long Island Jama’at. 

He had a devout passion for Tabligh such that in his retired life he devoted himself to spreading the message of Islam and Ahamdiyyat. He funded the translation and printing of the book By God (Khuda ki Kasam). Regardless of his travels, he always prioritized attending the Jalsa Salana UK and keeping Huzoor Anwar Ayyadahullahu Ta’ala Be Nasrihil-‘Aziz apprised of his Tabligh efforts. 

Rashid Mohamed Alladin Sahib was married to Khullat Nasir Sahiba (daughter of Missionary Khalil Ahmad Nasir Sahib) in 1968 and had three children; Irfan Alladin Sahib, Rizwan Alladin Sahib, who is currently serving as President Long Island Jama’at and Rabia Chaudhry Sahiba, wife of Muhammed Ahmad Chaudhry Sahib, President Silicon Valley Jama’at. He has 10 grandchildren: Adnan, Aafia, Eesha, Faraan, Aleena, Aiyza, Ishal, Momin, Dania, Ateeqa.

May Allah grant him maghfirat and elevate his status in Janatul Firdous. May He give the family patience to bear this loss.

For condolences:
Irfan Alladin Sahib (917) 319-3330
Rizwan Alladin Sahib (516)302-6604
Muhammed Ahmad Chaudhry Sahib (408) 621-2984

Inshallah The Janaza Prayer and Burial of Respected Rashid Alladin Sahib will be on Friday April 15th, 2022 at Washington Memorial Cemetery 

Address: 855 Canal Road MT Sinai, NY. 
The schedule is as follows 
10:45 AM – Viewing11:30 AM – Janaza Prayers followed by burial

Since April 15th is Good Friday, the cemetery will close by 12:30PM therefore viewing and Namaz e Janaza will be before Juma Namaz at Washington Memorial Cemetery NOT the Masjid.  

Juma Will Be offered at Masjid Bait Ul Huda Long Island at 2 pm Address: 64 union Ave Amityville, NY. 
Juma will be offered at Bait Uz Zafar Queens at 1:30pm Address : 188-15 McLaughlin Ave, Hollis, NY 

You may visit the family after Juma at the residence of Dr. Irfan Alladin SahibAddress: 30 Somerset Place Syosset, NY.

For more information, please contact 
Zeshan Hamid – 516-581-2314 

Muhammad Chaudhry – 408-621-2984



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Head of Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community calls on world leaders to set aside national interests & enmities for the future of humanity.

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The Messiah has come
A nationwide campaign to introduce ways of establishing peace in society at large, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community members are promoting the message in central Jersey today.


The Messiah has come
A nationwide campaign to introduce ways of establishing peace in society at large, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community members are promoting the message in central Jersey today.