Iftar Dinner Announcements

Baitul Hadi congregation will be hosting a guest iftar dinner on Saturday, April 1st. This program is open to public. We are also hosting a panel discussion on the topic of Universal Peace at 6 pm the same day. Please register using the QR code in the attached flyer or click on the following link.



New Salat Timings

New Salat timings at masjid :

  • Fajr 5:30am
  • Zuhr 1:30pm
  • Asr 4:30pm
  • Maghrib 7:30pm
  • Ishaa 8:30pm

Ramadan Schedule

Here is Ramadan schedule of daily Salat, Suhoor, Iftar, and Darsul Quran times.

Ramadan Schedule


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